Setting the display and sound

Learn how to change the basic display information and sound settings.

Setting the display type

You can select a display type for the Shooting or Playback mode. Each type displays different shooting or playback information. See the table below.

Press [D] repeatedly to change the display type.


Display type


‡ Hide all information about shooting options.
Shooting‡ Show all information about shooting options.


‡ Show all information about shooting options and a histogram.


‡ Show information except shooting information and histogram.

‡ Show all information about the current file.


About histograms

A histogram is a graph that illustrates how light is distributed in your photo. If the histogram has a high peak on the left, the photo is underexposed and will appear dark. A peak on the right of the graph means that the photo is overexposed and will appear washed out. The height of the peaks is related to color information. The more of a particular color, the taller the peak.



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