Selecting modes

Icon Description

My Magic Frame: Capture a photo and select an area to make it transparent. Overlay a newly captured photo onto the area. (p. 55)

Motion Photo: Capture and combine a series of photos, and then select an area to be animated to create a GIF animation. (p. 57)

Photo Filter: Capture a photo with various filter effects. (p. 58)


Movie Filter: Record a video with various filter effects. (p. 59)


Effect Artist: Capture a photo with various filters or texture effects, and then add brush or pen effects to it. (p. 60)

Color Brush: Capture a photo with filter effects, and then make an area clearer or more colorful by drawing a line on it. (p. 62)

Soccer Frame: Capture a photo with various soccer frame effects. (p. 63) (WB2014F only)

Photo Editor: Edit photos with various effects. (p. 99)

nSettings: Adjust settings to match your preferences. (p. 137)

Icon Description

MobileLink: Send photos or videos to a smart phone. (p. 121)

Remote Viewfinder: Use a smart phone as a remote shutter release and see a preview of an image from your camera on your smart phone . (p. 123)

Baby Monitor: Connect the camera to a smart phone and monitor a location. (p. 125)

Auto Backup: Send photos or videos that you captured with

wthe camera to a PC wirelessly. (p. 127)

Email: Send photos or videos stored on the camera via email. (p. 129)

SNS & Cloud: Upload photos or videos to file sharing services. (p. 132)

Samsung Link: Upload files to the Samsung Link online storage or to registered devices, or view files on other Samsung Link supported devices. (p. 134)

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