Learning icons

The icons the camera displays on the screen change according to the mode you select or the options you set. If you change a shooting option, the corresponding icon will blink briefly in yellow.




1Shooting informationIcon Description

Shooting mode

Aperture value

Shutter speed

Current recording time/

Available recording time

Exposure value

Current date

Current time

Continuous auto focus activated

Available number of photos

Icon Description

Memory card inserted

￿￿: Fully charged

￿￿ : Partially charged

￿￿: Empty (Recharge)

￿￿: Charging (Connected with the charger)

Auto focus frame

Camera shake

Zoom indicator

Photo resolution when the

Intelli zoom is on

Zoom ratio

Histogram (p. 35)

2Shooting option

Icon Description

ISO sensitivity


Flash intensity adjustment

Photo resolution

Video resolution

Frame rate (per second)

Icon Description

Sound Alive on

Intelli zoom on

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)


Burst option


White balance

White Balance micro adjustment

Image adjustment (sharpness, contrast, and saturation)

Focus area

Focus option

Face detection

3Shooting option (touch)

Icon Description

AutoShare On

Touch AF option

Shooting options

Open Smart Panel

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