Selecting options or menus

Using Smart Panel

Press [ /f] or touch on the screen to select an option or a menu. Some options are not available depending on the menu you select.

For example, to select a White Balance option in Program mode:

1Rotate the mode dial to p.

2Press [ /f] or touch on the screen.

3 Press [D/c/F/t] to scroll to


White Balance : Auto WB


￿￿￿￿ ￿￿￿

￿￿￿ ￿￿￿




4Press [o].

￿￿For some items, you can select an option directly by rotating [Zoom] to the left or right without having to press [o].

5Press [F/t] to select a White Balance option.

White Balance : Daylight


6Press [o] to save your settings.

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