Cisco Systems 8945, 8941 manual Clear Call History, Procedure

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Call History

Operating Your Phone

Call History

Call History

Call History allows you to view information about the last 150 calls on your phone. Individual calls and call groups are listed chronologically from the most recent call to the oldest one. (If your phone has multiple lines, calls on all lines are added together. The oldest calls over the 150-call limit are dropped from the history.)

In the Call History screen, the line information, such as “Line: 5623,” is shown in the upper right corner to indicate the line name or number for which the call history is displayed.

For each call record or call group, an icon to the left of the caller ID shows the call type:

Received—Clear Call History

Placed—Manual background

Missed—Manual background

If the caller ID is unavailable, “Unknown” is displayed, and the phone number is listed.

Calls for the same caller ID and phone number are grouped together only if they occur in chronological order and do not have calls associated . For each group, the time of the latest call and the number of calls, such as “(3),” are displayed:

Incoming (Received) and outgoing (Placed) calls are grouped together.

Missed calls are grouped together in a separate group.

For each individual card record or call group, the phone number is listed in blue and is contact sensitive for touch dialing.

Hunt group and multiparty calls show an icon to the right of the caller ID that differentiates the call from a normal call, and these calls are not grouped even when they are next to each other in the list.

A (plus) + symbol on entries in call history, redial, or call directory indicates that your phone is set up to list international calls. For more information, see your system administrator.

Clear Call History


Step 1 Press the Applications button Manual background.

Step 2 Select Call History. (Use the Navigation bar and button to scroll and select.)

Step 3 Select All Lines or the line that you want to view.

Step 4 Press the Clear soft key. (You may need to press the More soft key first.)

Step 5 Press the Delete soft key to delete the Call History screen or press the Cancel soft key to go back to the Call History screen.

Cisco Unified IP Phone 8941 and 8945 User Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express Version 9.0 (SIP)



Page 21
Image 21
Cisco Systems 8945, 8941 manual Clear Call History, Procedure