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Free Rate Function

To record the entire programme, the unit automatically sets the
appropriate recording mode depending on the combination of the
total time of the programme to be recorded and either the
remaining disc space or the specified recording time (from
60 minutes to 480 minutes when using 4.7 GB blank media disc).
8To record the entire programme within the actual remaining
disc space
Select AFR (JUST)B in a recording mode selection procedure.
Note that this function is available only for timer programming
recording (Apg. 37, 38).
8To record the entire programme by specifying the desired
recording time
Select AFR60-FR360B, AFR420B or AFR480B in a recording mode
selection procedure. (Apg. 34)
8To record a 25 min. long daily programme five times just on
the same DVD disc for example
Perform AEPG Timer ProgrammingB (Apg. 37) procedure. Be sure
to set the recording mode to AFR125B and set Weekly/Daily Rec
Function to AMON-FRIB in step 4 to fit the total recording time to the
whole disc space.
When the same programme is recorded in SP mode instead of in
AFR125B, the 5th programme cannot be recorded.
You can programme this unit to timer record, regardless of the
disc remaining time. When the disc remaining time is not enough,
it is not possible to record until the end of the timer programme.
(Example) If you programmed to timer record for 60 minutes in
SP mode on a 120 minutes disc, the disc remaining time would
be 30 minutes in XP mode, 60 minutes in SP mode, 120 minutes
in LP mode, 180 minutes in EP mode, and 240 minutes in FR480
mode. Timer recording will not complete beyond these remaining
The maximum recording time of FR (JUST) mode is the same as
the recording time of FR480 mode. When timer programming a
long programme in FR (JUST) mode on a disc whose remaining
time is short, it is recommended to check the disc remaining time
in FR480 mode to see if the remaining time is enough for the
Even if more than one programme are timer programmed in FR
(JUST) mode, only the first one is recorded.
In order to ensure that the recording fits on the disc, this feature
may leave a slight non-recorded section at the end of the disc.
There may be some noise and sound disturbance at the point on
the disc where the unit switches the mode.

Selection Of The Audio Channel To Be Recorded On A


When a TV programme is recorded on a disc, only the audio as set
in AAUDIO LANGUAGEB (Apg. 20) is recorded on the disc.
Before playing back a programme recorded in stereo, refer to
AAudio Channel SelectionB (Apg. 26).
A: 1st
B: 2nd
C: 3rd
D: 4th
E: 5th
A: 1st
B: 2nd
C: 3rd
D: 4th
E: Blank (20 min.)
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