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Before requesting service for a problem, use this chart and see if you
can solve the trouble yourself. Small problems are often easily solved,
and this can save you the trouble of sending your unit off for repair.


]Press A to turn off the unit, while holding A, press o for
3 seconds or more.
ARESETTINGB blinks on the front display panel.
Initialisation may be performed automatically depending on
the condition of the disc.


The AC power plug is disconnected from the mains outlet.
Connect the AC power plug to the mains outlet securely. (
pg. 16)
]Remove the batteries, wait for 5 minutes or more, then load the
batteries again.
The setting of the remote control code is inappropriate.
]Set the same remote control code (1, 2, 3, or 4) on both the unit
and the remote control. (Apg. 62)
The batteries are discharged.
]Replace the dead batteries with new ones.
The DTV transmission tower is nearby.
]Install an attenuator between the antenna and this unit.
There may be some problems with the antenna or signal
transmission. Or you may be living in an area where reception
is not possible. Please consult your dealer.
Press and hold o and A on the unit simultaneously for
2 seconds or more to restart the unit.
The source (another video recorder, camcorder) has not been
properly connected.
]Confirm that the source is properly connected.
All necessary power switches have not been turned on.
]Confirm that all units’ power switches are turned on.
The setting of the input channel position is inappropriate.
]Select the input channel position (AF-1B, AL-1B or AL-2B) that
corresponds to the input terminal connected to the external
equipment. (Apg. 55)
There are cases when the operation is prohibited on the disc.
Lightning or static electricity may cause malfunction of the unit.
]Disconnect the AC power plug from the AC outlet and connect
again. Turn on the unit.
The setting of the remote control code is inappropriate.
]To operate the unit using a JVC TV remote control, set the
remote control code of the unit to A1B. (Default: A3B) (Apg. 62)
Recording or Live Memory Playback is in progress.
]Press W to pause recording, change the channel, then press I
to resume recording.
The DTV channel has been deleted from the PR list.
]Re-perform AAuto Channel SetB (Apg. 64).
]Remove the disc using the following method:
Reset the unit by disconnecting the AC power plug from the
AC outlet and connect again.
Press and hold M until the disc tray opens. (Approximately
30 seconds.)
Remove the disc and press M to close the disc tray.
The disc tray was locked.
]Unlock the tray. (Apg. 63)


The TV receiver’s channel selector is not set to an input mode
such as EXT1.
]Set the TV to an input mode such as EXT1.
When interlace scanned programme is played back,
progressive scan mode is selected.
]Press and hold PROGRESSIVE SCAN until q disappears
from the front display panel. (Apg. 63)
The disc is loaded upside down.
]Place the disc on the disc tray with the playback surface facing
down. (Apg. 9)
A disc not being compatible with the unit is loaded.
]Load a playable disc on the unit. (Apg. 7)
A dirty disc is loaded.
]Clean the disc. (Apg. 10)
Defective disc is loaded.
]Replace the warped or scratched disc with a normal one.
]Images are blurred or distorted at the point where the playback
speed changes and this is not a malfunction of the unit.
]Playback does not start for approximately 30 seconds after
recording is stopped and this is not a malfunction of the unit.


The channel position does not correspond to that in the
receiving area.
]Set the correct channel number for the receiving broadcast.
(Apg. 17, 64)
No disc or a disc not being compatible with the unit is loaded.
]Load a recordable disc on the unit. (Apg. 6)
The disc loaded is not formatted.
]Format the disc. (Apg. 67)
A finalised disc is loaded.
]Recording cannot be made on finalised discs. Load a
recordable disc on the unit.
The disc is full or does not have enough space for the title to be
]Clear unnecessary titles on the disc or load a blank disc.
(Apg. 44)
Malfunction occurs on the unit.
No power is supplied to the unit.
The remote control does not work properly.
The TV screen appears dark with no image display.
The digital broadcast screen freezes suddenly.
Dubbing from the external equipment is not possible.
The on-screen display superimposed on the programme
played back/received on this unit is recorded when you dub
the programme to an external recording equipment.
The unit does not operate.
The remote control of a JVC TV will not operate the unit.
The channel cannot be changed.
The error message does not go away.
The disc tray does not open.
Images do not appear on the TV screen.
Playback does not start or stop immediately after playback is
started by pressing I.
On the front display panel, ANO DISCB appears.
Images are blurred or distorted when you start High-Speed
Playback does not start.
The desired programme cannot be recorded.
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