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Recordable/Playable Discs

You can use discs with the following logos for recording and
The above table is based on the information as of February 2005.
Recording and playback may not be performed depending on the
characteristics and condition of the disc used, leading to
unsatisfactory results. Using discs manufactured by JVC is
recommended since they have been tested to be compatible with
this unit.
It is only possible to use discs which conform with DVD-RAM
standard Version 2.0, 2.1 or 2.2.
If you use a disc formatted under a different standard version,
format it on this unit before use.
It may not be possible to record, play back, edit or dub a
DVD-RAM disc even if it conforms to the standard if it was
recorded or edited on the devices from other manufacturers or on
a PC, or if it has far too many titles, or if there is very little
available capacity remaining on the disc.
DVD-RAM discs recorded on this unit cannot be played back on
an incompatible DVD player.
It is possible to record copy-once programmes of digital
broadcasts only onto 4.7/9.4 GB DVD-RAM discs. (2.8 GB
DVD-RAM discs are not compatible.)
This unit does not support discs contained in cartridges. Use the
disc after removing it from the cartridge. For details on discs in
TYPE2 and TYPE4 (disc removable) cartridge, refer to its
instruction manual.
While recording, it is possible not only to start playback of a
programme currently being recorded, but also to watch another
programme previously recorded.
DVD-R/RW Discs
It is only possible to use DVD-R discs which conform with DVD-R
standard Version 2.0 or 2.1.
It is only possible to use discs which conform with DVD-RW
standard Version 1.1 or 1.2. Available in VR mode and Video
When a DVD-R/RW disc (Video mode) is finalised (Apg. 68), it
can be played back on a standard DVD player as a DVD VIDEO
When a DVD-RW disc (VR mode) is finalised (Apg. 68), it can be
played back on DVD player compatible with the VR mode of
DVD-RW discs.
Before finalising^
It is possible to record on unrecorded areas of the disc, edit the
disc title and programme titles, and delete programmes.
It is impossible to record or edit DVD-R/RW discs recorded on
other devices even if they have not been finalised.
It is impossible to overwrite recorded areas of DVD-R discs.
Available recording capacity does not increase even if a recorded
programme is deleted from a DVD-R disc.
After finalising^
After a DVD-R/RW disc (Video mode) has been finalised, it is
possible to play back the recorded programmes (video and/or
audio) on a standard DVD video player as a DVD VIDEO disc.
Edited titles are displayed
as the ADVD menuB in
video mode.
It is impossible to record,
edit or delete the data
either in video mode or in
VR mode.
Either in video mode or in
VR mode, although the
disc can be played back
on DVD players from other
manufacturers, sometimes it may not be possible to play back
depending on the disc and recording conditions.
It is impossible to record on CD-R/RW or DVD-R discs used for
When recording copy-once programmes of digital broadcasts,
record in VR mode using CPRM compatible DVD-RW discs.
The following may result if you play back a DVD-R disc recorded on
another unit.
The disc does not play.
A mosaic pattern (block noise) appears on the screen.
Video or audio may be dropped out.
The unit stops during playback.

About Discs


12 cm: 4.7 GB/9.4 GB
8cm: 1.4GB/2.8GB
Ver. 2.0/2x speed
Ver. 2.1/1x - 3x speed
Ver. 2.2/5x speed


12 cm: 4.7 GB
8cm: 1.4GB
Ver. 1.1/1x - 2x speed
(Video mode/VR mode)
Ver. 1.2/4x speed
(Video mode/VR mode)


12 cm: 4.7 GB
8cm: 1.4GB
Ver. 2.0/1x - 4x/8x speed
(Video mode)
Ver. 2.1/16x speed
(Video mode)
81 Sister Princess ED2 14/11 0:55 PR12<HDD MN26
82 GALAXY ANGLE A#04 OP 06/10 9:30 PR12<HDD
83 GALAXY ANGLE A#04 ED 06/10 9:30 PR12<HDD
84 FISHING WORLD OP 22/12 20:00 PR3
85 FISHING WORLD ED 22/12 20:00 PR3
86 RALLY CAR OP 10/04 0:30 PR3
87 RALLY CAR ED 10/04 0:30 PR3
88 Chobits #04 OP 02/05 PR10
89 Chobits #04 ED 02/05 PR10
90 Chobits #25 ED 26/09 PR10 MN32 LPCM
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