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Timer Recording

Date and time is not correct.
]Set date and time correctly. (Apg. 18, 66)
Timer recording is in progress.
]Timer programming can’t be performed while a timer recording
is in progress. Wait until it finishes.
Date and time is not correct.
]Set date and time correctly. (Apg. 18, 66)
Date and time is not correct.
]Set date and time correctly. (Apg. 18, 66)
The channel number does not correspond to that in the
receiving area.
]Set the correct channel number for the receiving broadcast.
(Apg. 17, 64)
The unit’s channels have been set incorrectly.
]Refer to AAuto Channel SetB (Apg. 64) and re-perform the
The satellite receiver is not connected properly to this unit.
]Connect the satellite receiver to the unit’s [L-2 IN] connector
properly. (Apg. 42)
Power failure occurred.
]Set date and time correctly. (Apg. 66)
The PC’s data recorded on a DVD-RAM drive cannot be cleared
on this unit.
]Format the disc. (When the disc is soiled, wipe the disc with a
soft dry cloth before formatting.) (Apg. 10, 67)
All 8 programmes have already been timer programmed.
]Clear unnecessary programmes on the unit, then try timer
programming again.

Other Problems

]Press PROGRESSIVE SCAN for 3 or more seconds so that the
Video output indicator (q) lights off on the front display panel.
The camcorder’s microphone is too close to the TV.
]Position the camcorder so its microphone is away from the TV.
The TV’s volume is too high.
]Turn the TV’s volume down.
Those channels have been designated to be skipped.
]If you need the skipped channels, restore them using AManual
Channel SetB. (Apg. 64)
After the manual settings were made, Auto Channel Set was
]Do no perform Auto Channel Set after making manual settings,
proceed to perform AClock SetB (Apg. 66).
]Reset the unit by disconnecting the AC power plug from the AC
outlet and connect again.
Timer programming cannot be made.
Timer programming recording does not start.
EPG Timer Programming cannot be made.
The EPG system does not timer record properly.
Automatic Satellite Programme Recording does not start.
On the front display panel, AcB appears.
The disc space does not increase when recorded titles are
APROGRAMME FULLB appears on the TV screen during timer
The image of the TV broadcast appears distorted on the TV
Whistling or howling is heard from the TV during camcorder
When scanning channels, some of them are skipped over.
Channel settings that were made manually seem to have
changed or disappeared.
Malfunction occurs and the unit cannot be power off. Page 70 Wednesday, June 15, 2005 4:04 PM