Name and function of parts

<When the operation mode selector is

set to Computer>

These buttons correspond to the PAGE UP/PAGE
DOWN buttons on PCs keyboard.
( ) buttons
These buttons correspond to the left and right
mouse buttons.
ENTER button
Moves the mouse cursor.
Numeric (0-9) buttons
In a system that uses a multiple number of
projectors, these buttons serve to specify a
particular projector.
They are also used to enter the password when
the password for service personnel needs to be
Click button (page 15)
This button corresponds to the left mouse button
when the operation mode is switched to the
Computer position.
Remote control wired terminal (page 16)
To use the wired output terminal, connect the
remote control and the main unit with the M3
stereo mini jack cable available in the market.
Remote control transmitter window
Operate the remote control aiming at the remote
control receiver window on the main unit.
Note To use the remote control as a mouse,
please purchase an optional wireless
mouse receiver (model No.: ET-RMRC2).