Interface ports
RGB2 input terminal
Video input terminal
S-video input terminal
Serial input/output terminal
Remote1 input/output terminal
Remote2 terminal
DVI-D terminal
LAN terminal
1 set of high-density, D-sub 15p (female)
[For YPBPRinput]
Y: 1.0 V [p-p] synchronization signal included, PBPR: 0.7 V[p-p] 75
[For RGB input] 0.7 V[p-p] 75 For G-SYNC: 1.0 V[p-p] 75
HD/SYNC: TTL, high-impedance, positive/negative polarity
automatically adjusted
TTL, high-impedance, positive/negative polarity automatically adjusted
However, HD/SYNC, and VD terminals are not compliant with 3-value
direct SYNC.
1 set BNC
1.0 V[p-p] 75
1 set Mini DIN 4p
Y 1.0 V[p-p] C 0.286 V[p-p] 75 Compliant with S1 signals
D-sub 9-pin (male/female), RS232C compliant
Used for personal computer control
1 set each for M3 stereo mini jack
Wired remote control, used for link control
D-sub 9-pin (female)
Used for external control
DVI-D 24-pin Single link, compatible with HDCP
RJ-45 Compliant with PJLinkTM
Length of power supply cord 3.0 m
Cabinet Molded resin
Outside dimensions Width: 530 mm; Height : 167 mm; Depth: 425 mm
Mass 14.5 k 14.0 k 14.5 k 14.0 k
Working environment condition 3 Ambient temperature: 0 °C to 45 °C
Ambient humidity: 20 % to 80 % (no condensation)
Remote control
Power source
Operation range
Outside dimensions
3 V DC (two AAA dry cells)
approx. 7 m (in front of beam receiver)
95 (including dry cells)
Width: 45 mm, Thickness: 23 mm, Depth: 145 mm
Hanging attachment
(For high ceiling)
Hanging attachment
(For low ceiling)
Projection lens
Wireless mouse receiver
Replacement lamp unit
Long life lamp unit
ET-DLE100, ET-DLE200, ET-DLE300, ET-DLE400, ET-DLE050
ET-DLE100, ET-DLE200, ET-DLE310, ET-DLE410, ET-DLE050
ET-LAD55 (single bulb), ET-LAD55W (double bulbs)
ET-LAD55L (single bulb), ET-LAD55LW (double bulbs)
The outside dimensions do not include the lens and other protruding parts. See page 59 for further details.
3When using the projector at high altitudes (1 400 to 2 700 m), the upper limit for the ambient temperature drops
by 5 °C.
PT-D5600E PT-D5600EL PT-DW5000EPT-DW5000EL
Model No.