POP server setup page
The POP server is set on this page when POP authentication is required for mail transmissions.
Click [Network set up], then [POP server set up] to display the POP server setup page.
Ping test page
This page makes it possible to check whether the network is connected to the E-mail server, POP server, DNS
server, etc.
Click [Network set up], then [Ping test] to display the Ping test page.
Select Enable for this setting
only when authentication is
required for sending mail.
POP server name field
Available input characters:
Alphanumeric characters
(AZ, az, 09), hyphen (-),
period (.)
POP server user name field
Button to update settings
POP server password field
Enter the IP address of the
server to be tested.
Button for conducting the
Display which appears
when the connection was
Display which appears
when the connection failed.