How to adjust the lensHow to install and remove theprojection lens (optional)

How to install the

projection lens

Align the guide of the projection lens

with the guide groove in the main unit.

Turn the lens clockwise until it clicks

into place.

How to remove the

projection lens

Turn the lens counterclockwise as

far as it will go.

While holding down the lens lock

button, turn the lens further


Remove the lens.

Note Before replacing the lens, turn off the
projectors power.
Do not touch the lens signal contact.
Dust or dirt may cause defective
Do not touch the surface of the
projection lens with your bare hands.
Store the replaced lens where it will
be free from vibration and impact.
Lens lock button
Guide groove
Guide groove
Guide Projection lens
Lens signal contact
Turn the lens counterclockwise and
confirm that the lens does not come

How to adjust the lens

focus, lens zoom and lens

up/down position

movement (optical shift)

The focus, zoom and up/down position of the
images projected on the screen can be adjusted
while the projector is positioned appropriately in
relation to the screen.

Press the LENS button on the remote control

or on the control panel of the main unit.

Pressing the button changes the setup screen
in the order of LENS FOCUS, LENS ZOOM

Choose an item and adjust it using



Be careful not to catch your fingers between the
lens and shroud when shifting the lens.
When a lens without zoom functions is used, the
lens zoom adjustment menu will still displayed,
but no operations can be performed using the
items on this menu.
By shifting the lens up/down position, it is possible
to make adjustments upward or downward from
the standard position in the direction of the upper
50 % of the projected screen height.
Operations can be performed faster by holding down
the buttons for about 3 or more seconds.

How to adjust the lens

position to the left or right

When the lens left/right adjustment dial is turned
clockwise, the screen moves toward the left;
conversely, when it is turned counterclockwise, it
moves toward the right. The maximum travel
distance toward the left or right is 10 % of the
projection screen width.
The screen
moves toward
the left
The screen
moves toward
the right
Lens left/right
adjustment dial
Move the lens left/right adjustment dial
to any position up to the maximum
adjustment position to make the
adjustment. Turning the dial with undue
force may cause malfunctioning.