Adjusting the position

If the picture size is compressed or
enlarged by using the 16:9 aspect ratio
when the projector is used for
profitable purpose or in the presence
of an audience (for example, in a
coffee shop or at a hotel etc.), it may
infringe the rights of the copyright
owner of the original picture.
If a picture with the standard (4:3)
aspect ratio is projected at a wide
aspect ratio, parts of the picture may
run over the screen bounds or the
overall picture may be distorted. To
view the picture at its original aspect
ratio, choose the standard 4:3 aspect
If you choose an aspect ratio that does
not match the source videos aspect
ratio, you will see a picture with an
aspect ratio not the same as that of
the original picture. Choose the
appropriate aspect ratio carefully to
match that of the original picture.
KEYSTONE : Keystone distortion can be corrected
only along either horizontal bound of
the picture.
This enables the enlargement ratio to be changed
and the resulting enlarged image displayed.
: The enlargement ratio in the horizontal
direction is changed.
: The enlargement ratio in the vertical
direction is changed.
(For RGB/YPBPRsignals only)
Clock phase adjustment allows the user to minimize
visible noise with the or button.
Keystone distortion can be corrected to
±30 °of the angle of tilt for the projector.
However, the greater the correction
amount, the more the picture quality will
deteriorate, and the harder it will become
to achieve a good level of focus. To
obtain the best picture quality, set up the
projector and screen in such a way that
the amount of keystone correction
required is as minimal as possible.
The picture size will also change when
correction of keystone distortion is
carried out.
When projecting signals whose dot
clock frequency is 108 MHz or higher,
the noise may not be disappear even
when the clock phase is adjusted.
Clock phase adjustment is not
available for digital RGB signals.
button: button:
LINEARITY : After you are finished with keystone
adjustment, adjust vertical linearity
with the or button.
Linearity is not adjustable if no
correction was made to keystone