Lamp unit replacement steps
After 1 500 hours (4 000 hours when long life lamp units are used) of operating the same lamp, it
is only possible to operate the unit for approximately 10 minutes. Steps to must be
completed within 10 minutes.
Turn the power off by following the steps on page 23, remove the power plug and
confirm that the surroundings of the lamp unit have cooled off.
Check that the fan has stopped running.
Have a Phillips screwdriver ready ahead of time.
Remove the screw securing the lamp unit
cover, and then slide the lamp unit cover
a little toward the left, and remove it.
Remove the two screws securing the
fan unit.
Lamp unit cover
Open the fan unit as shown in the
Remove the screws securing the lamp
units (two for each unit), take hold of
the handles, and remove the lamp units.
Install the new lamp unit.
Use a Phillips screwdriver to securely
tighten the 2 lamp unit fixing screws
(two for each unit).
Lamp unit 2
Handle Lamp unit 1
Lamp unit
Fixing screws
Secure the two screws for securing the
fan unit tightly.
Slide the cover a little toward the right,
and secure it using the screw for
securing the lamp unit cover tightly.
Firmly install the lamp unit and lamp
unit cover. If not installed firmly, a
protection circuit will function and the
power will not be turned on.
The lamp units are constructed in such
a way that the screws in steps and
will not fall through completely.
The lamp unit will be hot after it has
been used.
You might get burned if you touch it while it is
still hot.
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