Using Web Browser Control

Accessing from the Web browser

Start the web browser on your PC, then
enter the IP address which was set in
the projector.
Enter user1 in the user name field,
then enter the password in the
password field.
The default setting is panasonic (all lower case). If
you have changed the password, enter the new
password here.
The host name set in the projector is displayed in
the Realm field.
Click [OK].
The Basic Control page is displayed.

Password change page

Click [Change password].
Avoid activating two or more Web browser
simultaneously to work out setting or
control actions.
Change the password first of all.
This projector has networking functions which allow it to be controlled through a web browser on a PC.
The controlled items are:
Projectors settings and adjustment
Projectors status display
Transmission of a E-mail message when the projector has a problem
Old password input field
New password input field
New password input field
(re-enter for confirmation)
Button for executing password change
Button for erasing all entered characters