Cleaning and replacement of air filter
If too much dust accumulates on the air filter, [AIR FILTER] appears at the lower left of the screen, and the
temperature monitor (TEMP) will blink once. If even more dust is allowed to accumulate, the temperature inside the
main unit will rise, the temperature monitor (TEMP) will blink twice, and the power is turned off.
Clean the air filter section once every 100 hours or so as a guideline depending on the location of projector
It appears only for 30 seconds within 3 minutes after the power is turned on. It disappears if any of the buttons
on the rear side of the main unit or on the remote control is pressed.

Procedure of cleaning

Turn off the main power and remove the power plug from the receptacle.

Turn off the main power supply observing the procedure (Powering off the projector) on page 23 and then
remove the power plug.

Dismantle the air filter.

There are two air filters, one at the left and one at the right.
Use your finger to pull the air filter tab toward you, and remove it from the main unit.

Set the air filter.

Set the air filter in the reverse order to step .

Clean the air filter.

Suck off deposited dust with a vacuum cleaner.
Do not to suck in the air filter itself.
Do not rinse off the air filter with water. Doing so will impair the filters ability to provide
protection from dust.
Fit the air filters into place with the filter material facing the back.
(The left and right filters have the same shape.)
The air filter must be fitted in place when using the projector.
Using the projector without the air filter fitted inside, dirt and dust are sucked into the projector,
causing failure.
If cleaning cannot remove the dust completely, then it is a sign to replace the air filter. Consult the
dealer. In addition, when the lamp unit is replaced, also replace the air filter.
Be absolutely sure to use the air filter specifically designed for use with the projector.
Air filter