Optical trackpad sensitivity: Set the sensitivity of the trackpad.

Customised keys

Assign an application to [] to create a shortcut. You can launch the application by pressing []. p. 33

Location and security

Change the settings for securing your device and the SIM or USIM card, and GPS functionality.

Use wireless networks: Set to use WLAN and/or mobile networks for finding your location.

Use GPS satellites: Set to use the GPS satellite for finding your location.

Set screen lock: Set the unlock security code. When you have set your security code, this option changes to Change screen lock.

-- None: Disable the screen lock.

-- Pattern: Set an unlock pattern to unlock the screen.

-- PIN: Set a PIN (numeric) to unlock the screen.

-- Password: Set a password (alphanumeric) to unlock the screen.

Set up SIM card lock:

-- Lock SIM card: Activate or deactivate the PIN lock feature to require the PIN before using the device.

-- Change SIM PIN: Change the PIN used to access SIM or USIM data.