4 Press the Volume key to zoom in or out.

The zoom function may be unavailable when recording in the highest resolution.

5 Select to start recording.

6 Select to stop recording.

The video is saved automatically.

The camcorder may not be able to properly record videos to a memory card with a slow transfer speed.

After recording videos, select to view the recorded videos.

To view more videos, scroll left or right. To send a video to others, select Share. To play a video, select Play.

To delete a video, select Delete.





Customise camcorder settings


Before recording a video, select

to access the

following options:














Exposure value


Adjust the exposure value.






Select the length of the delay before the


camera starts recording a video.








Change the resolution option.




White balance


Adjust the colour balance according to


lighting conditions.











Apply a special effect.





Video quality


Set the quality level for your videos.