››Mobile networks

Use packet data: Set to allow packet switched data networks for network services.

Data roaming: Set the device to connect another network when you are roaming or your home network is not available.

Access Point Names: Set up access point names (APNs).

Use only 2G networks: Set the device to connect only to a 2G network.

Network operators: Search for available networks and select a network for roaming.

Call settings

Customise the settings for calling features.

››Fixed Dialling Numbers

Enable FDN: Activate or deactivate FDN mode to restrict calls to numbers in the FDN list. You must enter the PIN2 supplied with your SIM or USIM card.

Change PIN2: Change the PIN2, which is used to protect the primary PIN. If the SIM or USIM card is locked, this menu changes to Unblock PIN2.

FDN list: Set up a list of contacts for fixed dialling.


Voicemail service: Select your service provider’s voice mail service. You can also select other voice mail services if you downloaded applications that support them.

Voicemail number: Enter the number to access the voice mail service. You can obtain this number from your service provider.

The location of these options differs when you insert one SIM or USIM card.