Charge the battery

Before using the device for the first time, you must charge the battery.

You can charge the device with a travel adapter or by connecting the device to a PC with a USB cable.

Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. Unauthorised chargers or cables can cause batteries to explode or damage your device.

When your battery is low, the device will emit a warning tone and display a low battery message. The battery icon will also be empty. If the battery level becomes too low, the device will automatically power off. Recharge your battery to continue using your device.

If the battery is completely discharged, you cannot turn on the device, even with the travel adapter connected. Allow a depleted battery to charge for a few minutes before you try to turn on the device.

››Charge with a travel adapter

1 Plug the small end of the travel adapter into the multifunction jack.

Connecting the travel adapter improperly may cause serious damage to the device. Any damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty.