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Set the device to use the Samsung keypad.

Portrait keypad types: Select the default input method, such as the QWERTY keyboard, traditional keypad, or handwriting screen.

Input languages: Select languages for text input.

You cannot enter text in some languages. To enter text, you should change the writing language to one of the supported languages.

XT9: Activate XT9 mode to enter text using Predictive input mode.

XT9 advanced settings: Activate the advanced features of XT9 mode, such as auto completion, auto correction, or auto substitution, and set up your own word list.

Keypad sweeping: Enable or disable the keypad sweeping feature for the text input mode. You can switch between input modes by scrolling left or right on the keypad.

Auto-capitalization: Set the device to automatically capitalise the first letter after a final punctuation mark, such as a period, question mark, or exclamation mark.

Handwriting settings: Customise the recognition time in Handwriting mode.

Voice input: Activate the voice input feature to enter text by voice on the Samsung keypad.

Auto-full stop: Set the device to insert a period when you double-tap the space bar.

Tutorial: Learn how to enter text with the Samsung keypad.