SIM change alert: Activate or deactivate the Find my mobile feature which helps you locate your device when it is lost or stolen. p. 37

Alert message recipients: Add or edit recipients for the

alert message.

Remote controls: Set to control a lost device remotely via the web.

Visible passwords: Set the device to display your password as you enter.

Select device administrators: View device administrators installed on your device. You can activate device administrators to apply new policies to your device.

Use secure credentials: Use certificates and credentials to ensure secure use of various applications.

Install from SD card: Install encrypted certificates that are stored on a memory card.

Set password: Create and confirm a password for accessing credentials.

Clear storage: Erase the credential contents from the device and reset the password.


Change the settings for managing installed applications.

Unknown sources: Select to download applications from any source. If you do not select this option, you can download applications only from Android Market.

Quick launch: Assign a letter to an application to create a shortcut. You can launch the application by pressing [] and the letter at the same time. p. 33

Manage applications: Access the list of the applications installed on the device and check the application information.