Speech rate: Select a speed for the text-to-speech feature.

Language: Select a language for the text-to-speech feature.

Engines: View the text-to-speech engines in your device.


Accessibility: Activate an accessibility application you have downloaded, such as Talkback or Kickback, which provide voice, melody, or vibration feedback.

The power key ends calls: Set the device to end a call when you press [].

Date and time

Access and alter the following settings to control how time and date are displayed on your device.

If the battery remains fully discharged or removed from the device, the time and date will be reset.

Automatic: Automatically update the time when you move across time zones.

Set date: Set the current date manually.

Select time zone: Set your home time zone.

Set time: Set the current time manually.

Use 24-hour format: Set to the time to be displayed in 24-hour format.

Select date format: Select a date format.

About phone

Access information about your device, check the device’s status, and update the device system.