››Use options during a video call

You can use the following options while a video call is in progress:

To switch between the front and rear camera lens, select Switch Camera.

To turn off the microphone so that the other party cannot hear you, select Mute.

To hide your image from the other party, press [] Hide me.

To select an alternative image to be shown to the other party, press [] Outgoing image.

To open the dialling screen, press [] Keypad.

To listen and talk to the other party via a Bluetooth headset, press [] Switch to headset.

To activate the speakerphone feature, press [] Speaker On/Off.

To use the other party’s image, tap and hold the other party’s image. You can capture an image of the screen or record the video call.

››View and dial missed calls

Your device will display calls you have missed on the display. To dial the number of a missed call, open the notifications panel and select the missed call.