3 Press the Volume key to zoom in or out.

The zoom function may be unavailable when shooting in the highest resolution.

4 Select to take a photo.

The photo is saved automatically.

After taking photos, select to view the taken photos. To view more photos, scroll left or right.

To zoom in or out, tap the screen and select or . You can also double-tap the screen.

To send a photo to others, select Share.

To set a photo as wallpaper or a caller ID image for a contact, select Set as.

To delete a photo, select Delete.

››Capture a photo by using preset options for various scenes

Your camera provides you with predefined settings for various scenes. You can simply select the proper mode for your shooting conditions and subjects.

For example, when you take photos at night, select the night mode that uses an extended exposure.





In Idle mode, open the application list and select Camera to turn on the camera.

Select a scene.

Make any necessary adjustments. Select to take a photo.