Some file formats are not supported depending on the software of the device.

If the file size exceeds the available memory, an error can occur when you open files.

Playback quality may vary by content type.

Some files may not play properly depending on how they are encoded.

In Idle mode, open the application list and select My files.

Select a folder.

To return to the Home directory, select Home.

To move up one level in the file directory, select Up. Select a file to open.

In a folder, press [] to use the following options:

To send a file to others, select Share.

To create a new folder, select Create folder. To delete files or folders, select Delete.

To change the view mode, select View by. To sort files or folders, select List by.

To use additional features using a file, such as moving, copying or renaming option, select More.

Polaris Office

Learn to create and view Polaris Office documents on your device and memory card.