Running services: View the services you are using and access them to manage.

Memory usage: View available memory and the memory used by applications on your device.

Battery use: View the amount of power consumed by your device.


-- USB debugging: This is for application development. When your device is connected to a PC with a USB cable, the USB debugging mode will be activated and Samsung Kies will launch automatically.

-- Stay awake: Set the device’s screen to stay on while charging the battery.

-- Allow mock locations: Allow mock locations and service information to be sent to a Location Manager service for testing. This is for application development.

Samsung Apps: Select a network connection (WLAN or packet switched data network) to get notifications for new applications from Samsung Apps.

This feature may be unavailable depending on your region or service provider.

Accounts and sync

Change the settings for the auto sync feature or manage accounts for synchronisation.

Background data: Select this setting to use the auto sync feature. The auto sync will run in the background without opening applications and synchronise data.

Auto sync: Set the device to synchronise contact, calendar, and email data automatically.