Use the trackpad

Your device’s trackpad lets you easily scroll through menu options or select items.

Control your trackpad with the following actions:

Drag: Tap and drag your finger up, down, left, or right to scroll through menu options.

Press: Press once to select a highlighted menu option or confirm an input.

For optimal use, you can set the sensitivity of the trackpad. p. 118

Lock or unlock the touch screen and keys

You can lock the touch screen and keys to prevent any unwanted device operations.

To lock, press []. To unlock, turn on the screen by pressing [] and then flick the window with your finger.

You can activate the screen lock feature to prevent others from using or accessing your personal data and information saved in your device. p. 35

Get to know the idle screen

When the device is in Idle mode, you will see the idle screen. From the idle screen, you can view indicator icons, widgets, shortcuts to applications, and other items.

The idle screen has multiple panels. Scroll left or right to a panel of the idle screen.

Getting started