››Use options during a voice call

You can use the following options while a voice call is in progress:

To adjust the voice volume, press the Volume key up or down.

To place a call on hold, select . To retrieve a held call, select .

To dial a second call, press [] Add call and then dial a new number.

To answer a second call, drag in any direction until it reaches the border of the circle when a call waiting tone sounds. The device asks whether to end or hold the first call. You must subscribe to the call waiting service to use this feature.

To open the dialling screen, select Dialpad.

To activate the speakerphone feature, select Speaker.

In noisy environments, you may have difficulty hearing some calls while using the speakerphone feature. For better audio performance, use the normal phone mode.

To turn off the microphone so that the other party cannot hear you, select Mute.

To listen and talk to the other party via a Bluetooth headset, press [] Bluetooth.

To switch between the two calls, select Swap.

To make a multiparty call (conference call), make or answer a second call and select Merge when connected to the second party. Repeat to add more parties. You must subscribe to the multiparty call service to use this feature.