Enter text

You can enter text by pressing keys on the QWERTY keyboard, by selecting characters on the virtual keypad, or by inputting handwriting on the screen.

You cannot enter text in some languages. To enter text, you should change the writing language to one of the supported languages. p. 121

››Enter text using the QWERTY keyboard

Press appropriate alphanumeric keys to enter characters, numbers, and symbols.

You can also use the following keys:

Key Function

Change case.

Enter characters on the upper half of the keys.

Switch to Symbol mode.

Insert a space.

Clear your input.

Start a new line.

››Enter text using the Samsung keypad

To use the Samsung keypad, open the application list and select Settings Locale and text On-screen keypad.

1 Select Portrait keypad types and select a text input method.

You can select one of key input methods (QWERTY or traditional keypad) or handwriting input methods.

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