Add recipients of your message.

Enter phone numbers or email addresses manually, separating them with a semicolon or a comma.

Select phone numbers or email addresses from the lists by selecting options under the recipient field.

When you enter an email address, the device will convert the message as a multimedia message.

Press [] Add subject and enter a subject for the message.

Select Enter message here and enter your message text. To insert emoticons, press [] Insert smiley.

Press [] Attach, or select and add an item.

You can select a file from the file list or create a new photo, video, or sound.

Select Send to send the message.

››View a text or multimedia message

1 In Idle mode, open the application list and select .

Your messages are grouped into message threads by contact, like a messenger.

2 Select a contact.

3 For a multimedia message, select a message to view the details.