Failing to follow instructions marked with this symbol may cause personal injury and even fatality.

Battery Usage Related

Keep the battery out of the reach of infants and pets, as they could put the battery into their mouths.

There is a danger of electric shock or choking.



Use an authorized battery and AC adapter only.

Please use an authorized battery and adapter approved by Samsung Electronics.

Unauthorized batteries and adapters may not meet the proper safety requirements and may cause problems or malfunctions and result in an explosion or fire.

Do not use the computer in a badly ventilated location such as on bedding, on a pillow or cushion, etc, and do not use it in a location such as room with floor heating as it may cause the computer to overheat.

Take care that the computer vents (on the side or the bottom) are not blocked especially in these environments. If the vents are blocked, the computer may overheat and it may cause a computer problem, or even an explosion.

Do not use the computer in a humid location such as a bathroom or sauna.

Please use the computer within the recommended temperature and humidity range (10~32ºC, 20~80% RH).

Power Off

Do not close the LCD panel and put the computer into your bag to move it when it is still turned on.

If you put the computer into your bag without turning it off, the computer may overheat and there is a danger of fire. Shut the computer down properly before moving it.