Multi Card Slot (Optional)

Using the multi card slot, you can read and write data to a SD, SDHC, MMC And SDXC cards.

You can use a card as a removable disk and conveniently exchange data with digital devices such as a digital camera, digital camcorder, MP3, etc.

You can only use it after installing Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7.

Before You Start!

You have to additionally purchase a multi card with the necessary capacity depending on your requirements.

You can use a multi card just like any data storage device. A copyright protection function is not supported.

Since you can lose a card when moving the computer, keep the card separately.

Before using the slot, remove the dummy card from the slot. (Only models supplied with a dummy card).

Supported Cards : SD Card, SDHC card, MMC Card, SDXC Card

The images used for the illustration are of a representative model, therefore the images may differ from the the actual product.

To Insert and Use a Memory Card

Insert the card into the multi card slot in the indicated direction.

Example) SD Card