Proper Posture During Computer Use

Maintaining a proper posture during computer use is very important to prevent physical harm.

The following instructions are about maintaining a proper posture during computer use developed through human engineering. Please read and follow them carefully when using the computer.

Otherwise, the probability of (RSI: Repetitive Strain Injury) from repeated operations may increase and serious physical harm may be caused.

The instructions in this manual have been prepared so that they can be applied within the coverage of general users.

If the user is not included in the coverage, the recommendation is to be applied according to the user’s needs.

Proper Posture

Adjust the heights of desks and chairs appropriate to your height.

The heights are to be adjusted so that your arm forms a right angle when you place your hand over the keyboard while sitting down on a chair.

Adjust the height of chair so that your heel is comfortably placed on the floor.

Do not use the computer while you are lying down, but only while you are sitting down.

Do not use the computer on your lap. If the computer temperature increases, there is a danger of burning yourself.

Work while keeping your waist straight.

Use a chair with a comfortable back.

Keep the center of your leg weight not on the chair but on your feet when you are sitting on a chair.

To use the computer while talking over the telephone, use a headset. Using the computer with the phone on your shoulder is bad for posture.

Keep frequently used items within a comfortable work range (where you can reach them with your hands).