Regulatory Compliance Statements

Wireless Guidance

(If fitted with 2.4G band or 5G band)

Low power, Radio LAN type devices (radio frequency (RF) wireless communication devices), operating in the 2.4GHz/5GHz Band, may be present (embedded) in your notebook system. The following section is a general overview of considerations while operating a wireless device.

Additional limitations, cautions, and concerns for specific countries are listed in the specific country sections (or country group sections). The wireless devices in your system are only qualified for use in the countries identified by the Radio Approval Marks on the system rating label. If the country you will be using the wireless device in, is not listed, please contact your local Radio Approval agency for requirements. Wireless devices are closely regulated and use may not be allowed.

The RF field strength of the wireless device or devices that may be embedded in your notebook are well below all international RF exposure limits as known at this time. Because the wireless devices (which may be embedded into your notebook) emit less energy than is allowed in radio frequency safety standards and recommendations, manufacturer believes these devices are safe for use. Regardless of the power levels, care should be taken to minimize human contact during normal operation.

As a general guideline, a separation of 20 cm (8 inches) between the wireless device and the body, for use of a wireless device near the body (this does not include extremities) is typical. This device should be used more than 20 cm (8 inches) from the body when wireless devices are on and transmitting.

Some circumstances require restrictions on wireless devices. Examples of common restrictions are listed on the next page: