Using a Mini SD snd RS-MMC

Since the above cards are too small, you cannot insert the cards into the slot directly.

Insert the card into the dedicated adapter (available from most electronic retailers) and then insert the adapter into the multi card slot.

However, depending on the adapter’s body material, some RS- MMC cards may not be recognized properly.

Samsung recommend that you check the card is recognized correctly prior to purchasing.

To remove a memory card

Take hold of the end of the card and remove the card.

To format a memory card

When using a memory card for the first time, you must format the card before using it.


Formatting a card deletes all data


saved on the card. If the card


includes data, backup the data


before formatting it.


Click Start > My computer.


Right-click over a card drive with the


touchpad and select Format.


Click Start to the formatting.

To use a card to exchange data with a digital device such as a digital camera, formatting the data using the digital device is recommended.

When you try to use a card,

which is formatted in the computer, in another digital device, you may have to format the card again in the device.

You cannot format, write or delete data from a SD, or SDHC card with a write protection tab when it is in the Lock position.

Inserting and removing a memory card repeatedly may damage the memory card.