Failing to follow instructions marked with this symbol may cause personal injury and even fatality.

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Do not place any container filled with water or chemicals over or near the computer.

If water or chemicals enter the computer, this may cause fire or electric shock.

If you drop or damage the computer, separate the power cord and battery and ask the service center to perform a safety check.

Using a broken computer may cause electric shock or fire hazard.

Avoid direct sunlight when the computer is in an airtight location such as inside a vehicle.

There is a danger of a fire hazard. The computer may overheat and also present opportunity to thieves.

Do not use your notebook PC for long periods of time while a part of your body is making direct contact with it. The temperature of the product may increase during normal operation.

This may result in harming or burning your skin.

Never disassemble the power supply or AC adapter.

There is a danger of electric shock.

When removing the RTC (Real Time Clock) battery, keep it out of the reach of children as they could touch and/or swallow it.

There is a danger of choking. If a child has swallowed it, contact a doctor immediately.