Failing to follow instructions marked with this symbol may cause personal injury and even fatality.

Custody and Movement Related

Use only authorized parts (multi-plug, battery and memory) and never disassemble parts.

There is a danger of damaging the product, electric shock or fire hazard.

Shut down the computer and disconnect all cables before disassembling the computer. If there is a modem, disconnect the phone line. If your notebook is external & removable battery type, remove the external battery.

Failing to do so, may cause electric shock.

Follow the instructions for the relevant location (e.g. airplane, hospital, etc.) when using a wireless communication device (wireless LAN, Bluetooth, etc.).

Avoid exposing a drive to magnetic fields. Security devices with magnetic fields include airport walk-through devices and security wands. The airport security devices that check carry-on luggage, such as conveyor belts, use x-rays instead of magnetism and will not damage a drive.

When carrying the notebook computer with other items, such as the adapter, mouse, books etc, take care not to press anything against the notebook computer.

If a heavy object is pressed against the notebook computer, a white spot or stain may appear on the LCD. Therefore, take care not to apply any pressure to the notebook.

In this case, place the notebook computer in a separate compartment away from the other objects.