Eye Position


Hand Position




Keep the monitor or LCD away from your eyes by at least 50cm.

Adjust the height of the monitor and the LCD screen so that its top height is equal to or lower than your eyes.

Avoid setting the monitor and LCD excessively bright.

Keep the monitor and LCD screen clean.

If you wear glasses, clean them before using the computer.

When entering contents printed on a paper into the computer, use a static paper holder so that the height of the paper is almost equal to that of the monitor.

Keep your arm at a right angle as shown by the figure.

Keep the line from your elbow to your hand straight.

Do not place your palm over the keyboard while typing.

Do not hold the mouse with excessive force.

Do not press the keyboard, touchpad or mouse with excessive force.

It is recommended connecting an external keyboard and mouse when using the computer for long periods of time.