Important Safety Information

Safety Instructions

Your system is designed and tested to meet the latest standards for safety of information technology equipment. However, to ensure safe use of this product, it is important that the safety instructions marked on the product and in the documentation are followed.

Always follow these instructions to help guard against personal injury and damage to your system.

Setting Up your System

Read and follow all instructions marked on the product and in the documentation before you operate your system. Retain all safety and operating instructions for future use.

Do not use this product near water or a heat source such as a radiator.

Set up the system on a stable work surface.

The product should be operated only with the type of power source indicated on the rating label.

Ensure that the electrical outlet you are using to power your equipment is easily accessible in case of fire or short circuit.

If your computer has a voltage selector switch, make sure that the switch is in the proper position for your area.

Openings in the computer case are provided for ventilation. Do not block or cover these openings. Make sure you provide adequate space, at least 6 inches (15 cm), around the system for ventilation when you set up your work area. Never insert objects of any kind into the computer ventilation openings.

Ensure that the fan vents on the bottom of the casing are clear at all times. Do not place the computer on a soft surface, doing so will block the bottom vents.

If you use an extension cord with this system, make sure that the total power rating on the products plugged into the extension cord does not exceed the extension cord power rating.

For Notebooks with glossy display bezels the user should consider the placement of the Notebook as the bezel may cause disturbing reflections from surrounding light and bright surfaces.