Failing to follow instructions marked with this symbol may cause slight injury or damage to the product.

Custody and Movement Related

When moving the product, turn the power off and separate all connected cables first.

The product might be damaged or users may trip over the cables.

For long periods of not using the notebook computer, discharge the battery and preserve as it is detached.

(For external & removable battery type)

The battery will be preserved at its best condition.

Do not operate or watch the computer while driving a vehicle.

There is a danger of a traffic accident. Please concentrate on driving.

Cautions on Preventing Data Loss (Hard Disk Management)

Take care not to damage the data on a hard disk drive.

A hard disk drive is so sensitive to external impact that an external impact may cause loss of data on the surface of the disk.

Take extra care, because moving the computer or an impact on the computer when it is turned on may damage the data of the hard disk drive.

The company is not liable for any loss of any data caused by a customer’s careless usage or bad environmental conditions.

Causes that may damage the data of a hard disk drive and the hard disk drive itself.

The data may be lost when an external impact is applied to the disk while disassembling or assembling the computer.

The data may be lost when the computer is turned off or reset by a power failure while the hard disk drive is operating.

The data may be lost and irrecoverable due to a computer virus infection.

The data may be lost if the power is turned off while running a program.

Sudden impact or movement to the computer while the hard disk drive is operating, may cause files to be corrupted or bad sectors on the hard disk.

To prevent data loss due to damage to the hard disk drive, please backup your data frequently.