Using the Battery Calibration Function

When charging/discharging the battery repeatedly for a short time only, the battery usage time may be reduced by the difference between the actual battery charge and the remaining charge display.

In this case, the actual battery charge and the remaining charge display will be the same by discharging the battery completely using the Battery Calibration function, and then recharging it again.


Disconnect the AC power adapter after

turning off the computer.


Restart your computer and press the

F2 button when the Samsung logo

appears, to start the BIOS Setup.


Move to the Boot > Smart Battery

Calibration item using the direction

keys and press <Enter>.



Highlight Yes in the Battery Calibration

Confirmation window and press


The Battery Calibration function is activated and the battery is forcefully discharged. To stop the operation, press the (Esc) button.

This operation requires 3~5 hours depending on the battery capacity and the remaining battery charge.