Safety Precautions

For your security and to prevent damage, please read the following safety instructions carefully.

Since this is commonly applied to Samsung Computers, some pictures may differ from actual products.


Failing to follow instructions marked with this symbol may cause personal injury and even fatality.

Installation Related

Do not install the product in places exposed to humidity such as a bathrooms.

There is a danger of electric shock. Use the product within the operating conditions specified in the Manufacturers User Guide.

Keep the plastic bags out of the reach of children.

There is a danger of suffocation.

Keep a distance of 15cm or more between the computer and the wall and do not place any objects between them.

This may increase the internal temperature of the computer and may cause an injury.

Do not install the computer on a slant or a place prone to vibrations, or avoid using the computer in that location for a long time.

This increases the risk that a malfunction or damage to the product will occur.

Avoid exposing any part of your body to the heat from the computer vent or AC adapter for a long time when the computer is on.

Exposing a part of your body close to the heat from the vent or AC adapter for long periods of time may cause a burn.

Avoid blocking the vent at the bottom or side of the computer when using it on a bed or cushion.

If the vent is blocked, there is a danger of damaging the computer or overheating the inside of the computer.

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