Volume Control (Headphones and Speakers)

Check your volume first to listen to music.

Check your


Check if the volume is too loud before using headphones.

It is not recommended using headphones for long periods of time.

Any deviation from the equalizer default setting could cause hearing impairment.

The default setting can be changed through software and driver updates without your intervention. Please check the equalizer default setting before first usage.

Use Time (Break Time)

Take a break for 10 minutes or more after a 50-minute period when working for more than one hour.


Do not use the computer in dark locations. The illumination level for computer use must be as bright so for reading a book.

Indirect illumination is recommended.

Use a curtain to prevent reflection on the

LCD screen.

Operation Condition

Do not use the computer in hot and humid locations.

Use the computer within the allowed temperature and humidity range specified in the User Guide.