Upgrading Memory

One or more memory modules are installed on the computer.

There are 2 memory slots and users can replace the installed memory or add new memory.

Before You Start!

Replace new memory only after shutting the computer down completely. Do not replace memory when the computer is in Sleep mode.

Disconnect main power plug and remove the battery before continuing.

To utilize the dual channel feature, using memory modules with the same specifications (of the same capacity and from the same manufacturer) is recommended.

Only use the same type of memory as specified in the Product Specification.

The images used for the illustration are of a representative model, therefore the images may differ from the the actual product.

Adding or Replacing Memory Modules


Remove the screw on the memory

compartment cover at the bottom of

the computer using a screw driver.

Fixing Screw


Insert a new memory module into

the memory slot at an angle of

approximately 30 degrees aligning it to the angle of the memory slot.

Memory Slot