Connect and Disconnect the AC adapter

The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible.

Do not unplug the power cord out by pulling the cable only.

Power Cord Requirements

The power cord set (wall plug, cable and AC adapter plug) you received with your computer meets the requirements for use in the country where you purchased your equipment.

Power cord sets for use in other countries must meet the requirements of the country where you use the computer. For more information on power cord set requirements, contact your authorized dealer, reseller, or service provider.

General Requirements

The requirements listed below are applicable to all countries:

All power cord sets must be approved by an acceptable accredited agency responsible for evaluation in the country where the power cord set will be used.

The power cord set must have a minimum current capacity of 7 A and a nominal voltage rating of 125 or 250 volts AC, as required by each country’s power system. (USA ONLY)

The appliance coupler must meet the mechanical configuration of an EN 60

320/IEC 320 Standard Sheet C7 (or C5) connector, for mating with appliance inlet on the computer.