Traveling With Your Computer 135
Traveling With Your Computer

Identifying Your Computer

Attach a name tag or business card to the computer.
Write down your Service Tag and store it in a safe place away from the computer or carrying case
Use the Service Tag if you need to report a loss or theft to law enforcement officials and to Dell.
Create a file on the Microsoft
desktop called
. Place information such as
your name, address, and phone number in this file.
Contact your credit card company and ask if it offers coded identification tags.

Packing the Computer

Remove any external devices attached to the computer and store them in a safe place. Remove any
cables attached to installed PC Cards, and remove any extended PC Cards ("Using Cards" on
page 71).
Fully charge the main battery and any spare batteries that you plan to carry with you.
Shut down the computer.
Disconnect the AC adapter.
NOTICE: When the display is closed, extraneous items on the keyboard or palm rest could damage the
Remove any extraneous items, such as paper clips, pens, and paper, from the keyboard and palm
rest and close the display.
Use the optional Dell™ carrying case to pack the computer and its accessories together safely.
Avoid packing the computer with items such as shaving cream, colognes, perfumes, or food.
NOTICE: If the computer has been exposed to extreme temperatures, allow it to acclimate to room
temperature for 1 hour before turning it on.
Protect the computer, the batteries, and the hard drive from hazards such as extreme temperatures
and overexposure to sunlight, dirt, dust, or liquids.
Pack the computer so that it does not slide around in the trunk of your car or in an overhead
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