Using CDs, DVDs, and Other Multimedia 51
Using CDs, DVDs, and Other Multimedia

Playing CDs or DVDs

NOTICE: Do not press down on the CD or DVD tray when you open or close it. Keep the tray closed when you
are not using the drive.
NOTICE: Do not move the computer when you are playing CDs or DVDs.
Press the eject button on the front of the drive.
Pull out the tray.
Place the disc, label side up, in the center of the tray and snap the disc onto the spindle.
NOTE: If you use a CD/DVD drive that shipped with another computer, you need to install the drivers and
software necessary to play CDs or DVDs or write data. For more information, see the Drivers and Utilities CD
(the Drivers and Utilities CD is optional and may not be available for your computer or in certain countries).
Push the tray back into the drive.
1CD/DVD tray
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