Using CDs, DVDs, and Other Multimedia 55
Use blank CD-Rs to record music or permanently store data files. After creating a CD-R, you cannot
write to that CD-R again (see the Sonic documentation for more information). Use blank CD-RWs to
write to CDs or to erase, rewrite, or update data on CDs.
Blank DVD+/-Rs can be used to permanently store large amounts of information. After you create a
DVD+/-R disc, you may not be able to write to that disc again if the disc is "finalized" or "closed" during
the final stage of the disc creation process. Use blank DVD+/-RWs if you plan to erase, rewrite, or
update information on that disc later.
CD-Writable Drives
DVD-Writable Drives
Helpful Tips
Use Microsoft
Explorer to drag and drop files to a CD-R or CD-RW only after you start
Sonic DigitalMedia and open a DigitalMedia project.
Use CD-Rs to burn music CDs that you want to play in regular stereos. CD-RWs do not play in most
home or car stereos.
You cannot create audio DVDs with Sonic DigitalMedia.
Music MP3 files can be played only on MP3 players or on computers that have MP3 software installed.
Commercially available DVD players used in home theater systems may not support all available DVD
formats. For a list of formats supported by your DVD player, see the documentation provided with your
DVD player or contact the manufacturer.
Media Type Read Write Rewritable
CD-R Yes Yes No
CD-R W Yes Yes Yes
Media Type Read Write Rewritable
CD-R Yes Yes No
CD-R W Yes Yes Yes
DVD+R Yes Yes No
DVD-R Yes Yes No
DVD+ RW Ye s Yes Yes
DVD- RW Yes Yes Yes
DVD+R DL Yes Yes No
DVD-R DL Maybe No No
DVD-RAM Maybe No No Page 55 Monday, February 6, 2006 2:24 PM